What To Bring

What To Bring

35mm camera, digital, or any format, as long as camera is capable of manual operation (bring your instruction manual).

Know how to manually change ISO (ASA) dial, shutter speed and f-stop.

Tripod – if you have one, it’s a must for nature photography. Do not purchase one for the workshop without discussing it with us first.   Lots of people waste money on worthless tripods. The single most important piece of equipment for improving your photography is the tripod. Get a good one. It’ll pay for itself.

Gray card – available at any photography shop.

Cable release – if you have one

Binoculars – if you have them

Digital – Bring plenty of storage. If you have a lap top or storage device bring it.  If not, bring extra cards. Many participants down load cards in the evening.

Film (Whats this?)- 10+ rolls of slide film 50 or 100 speed and/or film of your choice. Should you elect to bring print film, please bring a roll or two of slide film for instructional purposes. Of course, this does not apply to digital folks.

Lens – if you have a variety, bring them along.

Extra camera batteries.

A plastic drop cloth on which to kneel.

A good quality circular polarizer.

And just in case…water bottle, bug spray, extra pair of shoes to get wet, flashlight, rain gear, alarm clock, extra snacks and drinks.

There’s no need to make major purchases before the workshop feel free to call us for advice.

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